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Landscape of a beach on the sunshine coast


A little about me...

José at the blue mountains for the first time. Shooting Landscapes

Hey, I'm José

Since I was quite young, I've always been interested in cameras and how they work. I was always interested in capturing the highest possible quality of anything around. But I never really did anything with photography until 2018. In 2018 my partner and I were planning a big trip to Europe (my first time overseas). I became obsessed with learning about cameras and lighting and how they work to produce beautiful images. I wanted to document our time while in Europe, as this was also the time I was planning on bending the knee to my now wife.

José in Tasmainia for the first time shooting a short documentary.
José when he popped the question.

Unfortunately for my bank account, after getting back my obsession didn't stop. I started photographing family events and weddings. This is where my passion turned into a business, filming and photographing weddings and engagements. But my creativity wanted to branch out. Now my focus is on commercial, lifestyle and portraiture work. I am currently based in Brisbane, but absolutely love traveling and the excitement of seeing new places. 

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